Class CameraTransforms

  extended by

public class CameraTransforms
extends java.lang.Object

A Camera uses a Location, Scalar, and Rotation just like a Spatial does; however for these to effect a "viewpoint" effect, their effects when applied need to be slightly different. To this end, this class contains the unique GLTransforms used to handle the Camera.

Chris Molini

Nested Class Summary
static class CameraTransforms.ViewCenterer
          A ViewCenterer resets the Modelview Matrix and places the origin at the center of the scene.
static class CameraTransforms.ViewpointVector
          This extension of Vector2f applies the negative of its coordinates.
static class CameraTransforms.ViewRotation
          Similarly to ViewpointVector, ViewRotation needs to apply a negative of its rotation to work correctly.
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public CameraTransforms()