Interface VectorTransform

All Known Implementing Classes:
BaseWindowController, CanvasWindowController, DesktopWindowController, SceneToCameraCoordTransform, WindowController

public interface VectorTransform

A VectorTransform is (fairly self-evidently) an object that creates a Vector2f based upon another that is supplied. This has a variety of possible uses, mostly involving value conversion. For example, VectorTransform is implemented to transform Mouse coordinates into scene coordinates in the WindowController. When implementing this, the vector that is supplied to the transform should not be affected by this transformation.

Chris Molini

Method Summary
 Vector2f transform(BaseVector2f vector)
          Converts a Vector2f.

Method Detail


Vector2f transform(BaseVector2f vector)
Converts a Vector2f. The supplied vector should not be changed by this method.

vector - The base vector.
A new Vector2f based on the original.