Interface Vertexed

All Known Implementing Classes:
CircleSkin, Geometry, PolygonSkin, PrimitiveSkin, RegPolygonSkin, SquareSkin, TriangleSkin

public interface Vertexed

A Vertexed is an object that somehow contains or references polygonal data. It provides a general method to access that data. jRabbit's default geometry setups assume a general format for this polygon data - an array of vertex coordinates (as floats). This format follows the form: vertices = {{x1, y1}, {x2, y2}, {x3, y3}... {xN, yN}}. The described polygon is understood to be a closed loop. A Vertexed object can be used to create a complex Geometry object, or to define rendering instructions for the PrimitivePainter. It's also intended to be a general-purpose format, as its speed and random-access capabilities allow a great deal of free-form interpretation.

Chris Molini

Method Summary
 float[][] vertices()
          Accesses the vertex data.

Method Detail


float[][] vertices()
Accesses the vertex data.

The list of coordinates that outline the polygon represented by this object.