Interface Summary
Blended An object that is Blended has a BlendOp it applies to rendering.
Colored An object that is colored has (obviously) a Color that affects rendering.
Dimensioned An object that is Dimensioned is viewed as having a "space" in the game world.
GLGroupTransformed A GLGroupTransformed object has a dynamic, ordered list of GLTransforms that it uses to effect rendering.
Located An object that is Located has a Vector2f that it uses to translate rendering.
Rotated An object that is Rotated has a Rotation that it uses to alter rendering.
Scaled An object that is Scaled has a Scalar that it uses to alter rendering.
ScreenObject A ScreenObject is an object that appears on the screen.
Viewer A Viewer calculates whether or not objects will be seen when they are rendered to the screen.
Visible An object that is visible has a flag to indicate whether or not it should be rendered.