Interface ScreenObject

All Known Implementing Classes:
AnimatedParticle, AnimatedSprite, BaseSprite, ExplosionParticle, GenericParticle, ImageSprite, Particle, ParticleSprite, ParticleSprite.Images, ParticleSprite.Transforming, SprayParticle, Sprite, SwarmParticle, TextSprite

public interface ScreenObject

A ScreenObject is an object that appears on the screen. Since objects can be translated/rotated/scaled, it's possible for the object to be moved so that it isn't visible onscreen any more. If this is the case, the object should not be rendered. This interface provides a prototype for that image.

Chris Molini

Method Summary
 boolean onscreen()
          Determines if the object will be visible if it is rendered.

Method Detail


boolean onscreen()
Determines if the object will be visible if it is rendered. This is useful for determining what not to render.

True if any portion of the object can be visible upon rendering, false if not.