Interface GLGroupTransformed

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AnimatedParticle, AnimatedSprite, BaseSprite, BlendedLayer, Camera, DefaultLayer, ExplosionParticle, GameLoopProfiler, GameLoopProfiler.Default, GenericParticle, ImageSprite, Particle, ParticleSprite, ParticleSprite.Images, ParticleSprite.Transforming, ProfilerDisplay, SprayParticle, Sprite, SwarmParticle, TextSprite

public interface GLGroupTransformed
extends GLTransform

A GLGroupTransformed object has a dynamic, ordered list of GLTransforms that it uses to effect rendering. This interface provides a method to access the transform. A GLGroupTransformed is considered a GLTransform itself; it's expected that it's bind() and release() methods will forward themselves to the GroupTransform contained by this object.

Chris Molini

Method Summary
 GLGroupTransform transforms()
          Accesses the list of transforms.
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bind, release

Method Detail


GLGroupTransform transforms()
Accesses the list of transforms.

The GLGroupTransform that dynamically controls OpenGL's state.