Interface Summary
GLTransform A GLTransform is an object that causes a state change in OpenGL to affect rendering.

Class Summary
BlendOp A BlendOp provides a simple method to switch to another type of pixel blending and back.
BlendOp.Additive Enforces "additive" blending - where colors only get brighter, not darker.
BlendOp.Normal Enforces "normal" blending - where images retain their full color, and replace each other depending on how transparent they are.
BlendOp.Overlay Enforces blending that will cause any images to be limited to the color they are being rendered on top of.
BlendOp.Premultiplied Enforces blending that is designed for use with premultiplied-alpha images.
BlendOp.Replace Enforces "replacement" blending - alpha is not taken into account, and one set of pixel colors completely replaces another.
Color A Color represents a color setting for OpenGL.
GLControlledReset A GLControlledReset extends GLReset to provide controls over its affect - that is to say, it only resets/restores the current OpenGL Matrix it is enabled; if not, no changes to OpenGL occur.
GLGroupTransform A GLGroupTransform is an object that performs a series of operations on the OpenGL Modelview Matrix.
GLMatrixStackControl A GLMatrixStackControl pushes the active OpenGL matrix so that it can be restored to its original state at a later point in time.
GLReset GLReset extends GLMatrixStackControl to load the identity matrix when bound.
Rotation A Rotation is a convenience class that represents the rotation of an object.
Scalar A Scalar is an object that scales (and flips) the OpenGL Modelview Matrix.
Vector2f Vector2f is the general-purpose vector class of jRabbit.