Class GLSettings

  extended by

public class GLSettings
extends java.lang.Object

GLSettings contains a series of LWJGL "macros" to help define settings in OpenGL. These are very simple, the exact same effects can be obtained via straight LWJGL commands. They are provided to be a little more beginner-friendly and intuitive, that's all.

Chris Molini

Nested Class Summary
static class GLSettings.Blend
          A static class containing some methods to set the default blending functions.
static class GLSettings.Enable
          Handles enabling and disabling general OpenGL settings.
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static void default2D()
          Sets the default OpenGL settings: Depth testing - disabled.
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Constructor Detail


public GLSettings()
Method Detail


public static void default2D()
Sets the default OpenGL settings: Depth testing - disabled. Lighting - disabled. Textures - enabled. Blending - enabled, and set to the default Normal blending.