Class ImageLoadingThread

  extended by java.lang.Thread
      extended by
          extended by
              extended by
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public final class ImageLoadingThread
extends WatchableGLThread

A class that provides an easy way to load Images in a separate Thread. This is bound by the same problems as with a WatchableGLThread. It's quite easy to make one's own loading Thread, and in fact, this is a recommended way of loading things in the background - you can more closely tie the functionality with your needs. However, this class illustrates a simple way to load images while keeping track of the total progress, and if you simply want a fast and easy method to create some Images from file references, then this is for you.

Chris Molini

Nested Class Summary
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java.lang.Thread.State, java.lang.Thread.UncaughtExceptionHandler
Field Summary
private  java.lang.String[] filepaths
          The supplied list of filepaths that are used to load images.
private  Image[] images
          The list of constructed Images.
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progress, total
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Constructor Summary
ImageLoadingThread(java.lang.String[] filepaths)
          Instantiates a Thread that will load images from the list of filepaths.
Method Summary
protected  void act()
          Loads the images, and increments the progress counter.
 Image[] images()
          Accesses a reference to the array of images in the loading Thread.
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contextSharingFailed, contextSharingResult, contextSharingSuccess, releaseContext, run, shareContext
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complete, percentComplete
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Field Detail


private java.lang.String[] filepaths
The supplied list of filepaths that are used to load images.


private Image[] images
The list of constructed Images.

Constructor Detail


public ImageLoadingThread(java.lang.String[] filepaths)
Instantiates a Thread that will load images from the list of filepaths. NOTE: Each of these Images will have its appropriate filepath as a reference.

filepaths - The locations in the file system of the images to load.
Method Detail


protected void act()
Loads the images, and increments the progress counter.

Specified by:
act in class WatchableThread


public Image[] images()
Accesses a reference to the array of images in the loading Thread. This shouldn't be used until loading is complete.

The list of created Images.