Interface Summary
ChangeListener ChangeListener is a very basic, very simple Interface that allows objects to be alerted when something changes.
Createable This interface describes an object that needs to be further defined after instantiation - i.e., either it has additional data it either cannot create immediately, or it may need recreation after instantiation if its contents change.
DataController A DataController is an object that is both Createable and Destroyable - it manages data over its entire life cycle, from creation to destruction.
Destroyable An object that is Destroyable contains data that needs to be flushed differently than standard Garbage Collection.
Factory<T> A Factory is just that - an object that creates objects of a particular type, given a String as a base reference.
Referenced An object that is Referenced has an associated string that somehow identifies it.
Retriever<T> A Retriever is an object that can be used to access another (single) object.