Interface Referenced

All Known Subinterfaces:
Layer, ProfilerEntity
All Known Implementing Classes:
BaseProfilerEntity, BlendedLayer, CachePointer, Channel, Counter, DefaultLayer, Font, FontBasedProfilerEntity, FontPointer, Image, ImagePointer, ImageSkin, Message, ProfilerMessage, ProfilerMessages, SkinnedProfilerEntity, SoundData, SoundPointer, SubImageSkin, SystemInfo, TextProfilerEntity, Timer, ValueTracker

public interface Referenced

An object that is Referenced has an associated string that somehow identifies it. For example, an Image is referenced by an "name" (possibly the same string that specifies its location in the file system). The built-in caching of jRabbit requires that the type of object it stores be referenced.

Chris Molini

Method Summary
 java.lang.String reference()
          Gets the reference associated with this object.

Method Detail


java.lang.String reference()
Gets the reference associated with this object.

The String that identifies the object.