Interface Updateable

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AnimatedParticle, AnimatedSkin, AnimatedSprite, Background, BaseLogoIntro, Camera, CameraShaker, CameraViewChecker, ExplosionParticle, GameLoop, GameLoopProfiler, GameLoopProfiler.Default, GenericParticle, ImageAudioIntro, ImageIntro, IntroLoop, JRabbitIntro, Loop, Particle, ParticleSprite, ParticleSprite.Images, ParticleSprite.Transforming, SoundBoard, SprayParticle, StandardGame, SwarmParticle, SystemInfo, World

public interface Updateable

An Updateable is an object that continually performs actions over time. Most default objects in jRabbit do not automatically implement this; instead the developer can add this functionality to any object he wishes to control itself.

Chris Molini

Method Summary
 void update(int delta)
          Updates the object.

Method Detail


void update(int delta)
Updates the object.

delta - The time passed since the last update. The default units are in microseconds.