• Built upon LWJGL to deliver blazing speed!
  • Allows for multi-action, variable speed animation.
  • Image effects such as transparency, color filters, and blur.
  • Image Painting lets you dynamically modify your images in game!
  • Fully customizable particle system for an infinity of effects!
  • Place your games in AWT and Swing applications for even more possibilities!


  • Built-in font support, both for pre-rendered bitmap fonts and dynamic loading of TTF files.
  • Automatic text-to-paragraph formatting makes storytelling a snap!
  • Pre-rendering allows you to draw large amount of text far more quickly.


  • Sound support for music and sound effects at variable volumes and pitches.
  • Support for Ogg-Vorbis audio files means your sounds will be small and not bloat your final game.

Resource Management

  • A built-in caching system to allow global resource control for images, sounds, fonts, or whatever you need to store.
  • Provided setups for loading and processing data in multiple thread.
  • A native library extractor lets you run your games from desktop!


  • All components are designed with extensibility and customization in mind. To this end, the engine is designed to have two parts – a “base” (which provides a general library to control images, fonts, sounds, and other simple functionality), and an implementation on top of that, which puts it into a cohesive structure for game development. Thus, it is relatively easy to define a new “game structure” – simply use the provided base library, and ignore the standard implementation.
  • All OpenGL implementations in jRabbit are designed to be as lightweight and non-constricting as possible. This allows you to create any custom OpenGL components you want, and render them alongside normal jRabbit objects!