The Java Rabbit Engine (jRabbit for short) is an open source, 2D Java game engine built on LWJGL. It’s designed to be fast, fun, and easy to use, so feel free to get started!

jRabbit is:

  • Powerful: Use OpenGL to utilize the full power of the GPU!
  • Portable: Run your games on any major OS (Windows, Mac, Linux). Also, you can either run games as desktop applications, or deploy them online as applets!
  • Simple: A clean and flexible API lets you develop whatever you can imagine.
  • Easy to Learn: The API is designed to be clear and sensible, and is exhaustively documented.
  • Customizable: The developer is capable of easily extending and changing everything in the engine, giving a high degree of control.
  • Open Source: Free! Developed for the sake of creating a great product! What more can you ask?

Download here!